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Beverages are a good system for functional ingredients since flavoring / sweetening systems can often mask unpleasant tastes from functional ingredients. Microemulsion value-added ingredients work better since they are not subject to cooking or mechanical stress as in food production.

Top Trends in the Beverage Industry

  • Natural Coloring
  • Natural Low Calorie Sweetening
  • Beyond Hydration
  • Easy-to-Understand Functionality
  • Exotic Flavors and Super Fruits
  • Prebiotic fiber/ Probiotics


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ricefedlogoworldfoodaidAs the number one supplier of fortified rice in the world, our enrichment history goes back over 60 years. The experience we have in the execution of successful food aid programs combines our abilities to bring private industry and government agencies together with our proven manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

  • Unmatched R&D and technical services
  • Customized fortifications based on nutrition needs of the populace
  • Highest compliance certifications in the industry
  • Over 50,000 custom nutrient premixes to date


Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of disease and death among citizens of third world countries.The lack of Vitamin A in daily diets often leads to crippling childhood blindness and neural tube defects. To combat this deficiency, Wright has developed Vit-A-Rice®, a major breakthrough in the effort to supply Vitamin A and Folic Acid in impoverished societies worldwide.

The international initiative to provide essential nutrition through rice fortification is continuing to expand. Emerging countries in Southeast Asia, Central and South America and Africa are employing this fortification strategy through governmental food agencies and authorities. Wright has developed Iron Rice® a natural grain based fortificant which contains iron and other vital nutrients.

Through technical innovation and a wealth of experience from over 50 years in the rice enrichment industry, Wright has developed Nutra Rice® natural grain-based fortification, a natural, grain-based alternative to assimilated and artificially created fortificants used in humanitarian aid efforts.

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