The richest Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids from A Single Plant

Why Use Ahiflower Oil?

Ahiflower Oil offers Wright clients a clean, green and appealing omega-rich ingredient solution. It offers high daily omega intakes but not at the expense of taste, convenience, or depleting fisheries worldwide.

  • Converts up to 4 times more efficiently than flax seed oil in humans
  • Most biologically advanced plant - derived omega 3:6:9 source
  • Increased “pro -EPA” value vs. ALA-only plant oils
  • Sustainable, traceable, non -GMO & vegan values
  • Clean taste and aroma – no fishy after effects
  • Versatile in food & beverages
  • Backed by 2+ published human clinical trials
  • 1 acre = 40,000 sardines worth of oil

Health Benefits of Ahiflower Oil

4x More Effective

Ahiflower oil increases Omega-3 EPA levels in blood tissues up to 4x more effectively than similar amounts of flax oil

Reduce risks of cardiovascular disease

Based on clinical and epidemiological data, Ahiflower's combined Omega-3:6 content should be expected to reduce risks of cardiovascular disease, much like fish or flax

Healthy Immune Response

Ahiflower oil’s SDA + GLA content supports anti-inflammatory IL-10 expression for healthy post-exercise recovery and immune response

Supports Brain Function

With highest available SDA, Ahiflower supports fluid intelligence and brain integrity in healthy seniors

About the Ahiflower Crop

  • 12 years of applied agricultural science has resulted in the most effective non-GM source of SDA/ALA/GLA combined! Equivalent to a super-charged flax or chia oil plus EPO combination.
  • NCI has taken Ahiflower from a species unsuitable for commercial cropping to a sustainable, reliable and productive crop grown by an exclusive Ahiflower Grower's Club in the UK.

Our supply chain takes seed to finished oil, naturally

A Well Balanced Plant-Based Omega

  • Richest omega-3 stearidonic acid (SDA: c18:4) source available (~20%)
  • Good omega-6 gamma linolenic acid (GLA) source (~6%)
  • Omega-3:6 ratio ~4:1
  • Good ALA & LA essential fatty acid source (45% & 18%)
  • Total Omega 3-6-9 content >85%

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